How Can I Make a Successful High School In Kind Donation Fundraiser?

High school students are busy and, because they are of a certain age, they are usually tired. Neither of those attributes is a typical precursor to successful, well, anything. But, if you know how to reach a high school student and get their attention you can have an incredibly energetic, intelligent, and motivated fundraiser seller on your hands. But, how do you motivate a high school student to sell for a fundraiser?

High School Fundraising

Usually a high school fundraiser is run to raise companies that give in-kind donations money for a specific organization that the participants belong to. For example, the high school band fundraiser is almost always for, you guessed it, the high school band. This offers a great way to get your students selling. You simply need to focus on what they are interested and direct the fundraising efforts in that direction.

Consider your typical high school football player. Other than girls, what is his main concern? To be a better football player of course. And how do they do that? By working out harder. And to continue the questions, how do they work out harder? They buy new fitness equipment. Instead of just having a “football fundraiser” have a fundraiser the proceeds of which will go directly to buying new workout equipment. The team cares about this and will work harder to get what they want.

Another example is an auto repair club. They could scrounge up a bit of money to buy parts for a car and get by with what they have. Or, they could work hard on a fundraiser and buy the nicest parts and put together a fantastic vehicle.

Class Trip Fundraiser

One of the most common reasons for a high school fundraiser is a class trip. Most students can not afford a trip without some kind of financial help so doing a fundraiser is pretty normal. But if just doing an okay job on the fundraiser gets you a trip to a nearby lake and a great fundraiser gets you a trip abroad, what are the students going to work for?

These are just three of an unlimited number of possible ways to motivate high school students to sell during a fundraiser. The point is that you find something they care about and make that the point of the fundraiser you will nearly guarantee yourself success.